Our Goal

To unite all teachers in Namibia in one respected, representative and self-reliant union which is able to broadly and effectively represent its members interests and provides them with reliable and appropriate services.

General Objectives

  • To unite all teachers of Namibia into a non-racial and national teachers’ union that will seek to channel all the democratic demands of teachers, their students and the community at large to the relevant structures.
  • To represent the interest of teachers on all issues that affects them in their educational and community situations.
  • To heighten the sense of national awareness and identity, and encourage teachers to become involved in the educational, political, economic and social development of the Namibian society.
  • To organise the teachers into a national body that will strive towards a relevant, non-racial and democratic form of education.
  • To be part and parcel of Nation–building and reconstruction in our country and to promote links with the progressive forces in Namibia such as the labour and student movements.
  • To promote students, teachers, democratic involvement in the educational process.
  • To act as the mouthpiece of teachers in Namibia and seek to protect the genuine interests of teachers.
  • To foster closer cooperation including affiliation to participation in and receive of financial support from other progressive organisations which share NANTU ‘s ideals both national and internationally.
  • To support the principles and practice of non-racial sport and to reject cultural activities which seek to promote the fragmentation of Namibia along racial and ethnic lines.

Specific Objectives

  • To support and pledge solidarity with the workers’ struggle for better working and living conditions.
  • To promote the welfare of students and to ensure that their fundamental rights are protected at all times.
  • To run trade union and professional education programmes for teachers at national, regional and local levels.
  • To campaign for the implementation of a unitary education system in the country.
  • To have regular information bulletins and newsletters, and to stimulate progressive cultural activities amongst teachers and students.
  • To seek to contextualise the curriculum, and to strive towards developing alternative forms of teaching that are relevant to our society.

To fight for and maintain:

  • the consequent implementation of English as a medium of instruction in all schools; the unconditional opening of all schools; the implementation of compulsory and free education to the benefit of all.